Maxsys fuel systems designed to cut fuel consumption at least 5%

The Maxsys fuel saving technology from Maxsys Fuel Systems Ltd., Telford, UK, is being introduced across North America and users in the pulp and paper industry are already receiving significant value.

Maxsys technology is a unique application of magnetic energy to condition natural gas molecules as they flow to burners. Research, development and product engineering is recent and was done in conjunction with two universities in England. The impact and results have now been proven at over 1000 installations in the UK and many more in Europe.

With reduction in fuel consumption as high as 9.5%, the results are permanent and sustainable for the expected 40-year life of the specially designed and configured ceramic magnets.

Maxsys units are installed into the natural gas flow within 1.5 metres of a burner. Applications include boilers, dryers, heaters or any other natural gas user with a burner. No additional energy or services are required to make the system function. No maintenance of the equipment is required.

Installations are done turnkey by Maxsys using local resources. There are no additional costs related to bringing the equipment on line. Existing piping is modified to accept the system and there is no interference of feed flows.

North American paper companies with systems installed include: SCA Tissue – 46 systems at 9 mills worldwide; Kimberly-Clark; Irving Tissue; International Paper; Caraustar; Hartmann Packaging.

Other major corporations with installations include: Johnson Matthey; General Motors; Ford Motor Corporation; Dow Chemical; HJ Heinz; Coca Cola; Unilever; Ciba Specialty Chemicals; AB Inbev; SAB Miller; Croda Chemical. Over 90% of businesses do repeat installations – the savings are certified for each installation.

Tecumseth Group, Inc., Tottenham, ON, represents Maxsys Fuel Systems Ltd., in Canada.

Tecumseth Group, Inc.,

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