Valmet has new version of IQ web monitor

Valmet, Finland, has completely renewed its Valmet IQ web monitoring system, an integral element of the Valmet IQ Process and Quality Vision system (PQV), a comprehensive machine vision solution.

The web monitor is now more compact with enhanced features to provide higher-quality images than before for analysis purposes, enabling mills to take virtually instantaneous corrective measures and maximize production line efficiency and product quality.

Major changes include the camera, LED light and system structure to let papermakers focus faster on specific web problems and avoid profitability losses.

The compact camera’s modular structure permits the use of different kinds of cameras and optics such as a manual or motor zoom, or pinhole optics. A separate washer can be added if the camera is situated where cleanliness might be a problem. The camera has the latest high-sensitivity Sony CMOS sensor. It is also possible to use a color camera.

Unlike the previous model, the new IQ web monitor has a separate compact LED light module that is synchronized with the camera. This allows better optimization of the light pattern and its direction (patent pending). 140 LEDs feature the latest technology to produce a light output of 45,000 lumens with only 35 watts of power.

The new system is fully compatible with older generation systems. Data are transferred through standard 1-GB Ethernet components. Few components mean the system is easy to install, use and maintain.

The other element in the PQV system that Valmet launched in 2015 is the IQ web inspection system.

The IQ web monitoring system records video images of the crucial events in the process, such as web breaks, tail feeding and defects triggered by the IQ web inspection system. Recorded images are available for playback, enabling operators to quickly find the event’s origin and correct the problem. This shortens downtime after breaks and improves runnability.


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