RPNA launches Roto Ultra pumps

Tulsa, OK-based Roto Pumps North America, Inc. (RPNA) officially opened its doors this past May as a sales network expansion of Roto Pumps Ltd.

Previously, Roto Pumps’ focus in the United States was on supplying retrofit spare parts; however, now, RPNA also brings to market the Roto Ultra® brand, a complete pump system, to serve the pulp and paper and other industries.

General Manager, Steve Klein, who brings over 30 years of progressing pump experience to the team says, “It all started in 1968. Roto Pumps invented a unique manufacturing process for machining the intricate profile rotor and subsequently the stator core, which is the heart of the progressive cavity pump.”

RPNA says that Roto Ultra pumps are designed to last as all the designs incorporate Roto’s optimized rotor/stator geometry which offers zero leakage at low torque and the longer lasting Cardan type universal joint. The Ultra system handles capacities up to 2200 gpm at pressures up to 700 psi and carries a 24-month warranty.

Roto Pumps North America, Inc., www.RotoPumps.com

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