MDT Diesel & Turbo vacuum blowers widely used for nearly 70 years

MAN Diesel & Turbo’s multi-stage vacuum blower has been utilized throughout the paper industry since 1945, when the first Sulzer TURBAIR blower was introduced. With models up to 106,000 CFM each, and vacuum capabilities down to 23-in. HgV, often only one or two machines are necessary to supply the needs of an entire paper or tissue machine. The RC is available with either two, three, or four suction branches, each providing airflow or vacuum as dictated by a specific installation. In case of future paper machine changes resulting in additional airflow or optimization needs, the rotor assembly may be outfitted with different impellers, eliminating the need to install additional vacuum pumps. As with all TURBAIR vacuum blowers, energy savings of 25-30% are normally recognized over liquid ring type vacuum pumps, and approximately 70% of the energy required to drive the blower may be recuperated and utilized for water heating, pocket ventilation, hood heating, and building heat. Each year, more and more liquid ring vacuum systems are being replaced, resulting in significant operating and maintenance costs savings.

MAN Diesel & Turbo,

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