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Product of the Month

Celleco Twister Hydrocyclone

VALMET IS NOW THE OEM manufacturer for the Celleco ® Twister® Hydrocyclone, a stock preparation product that is raising cleaning performance to a new level while utilizing less energy. The Celleco Twister cleaner is a 2% fiber consistency hydro-cyclone that enabled energy reduction of up to 50% (when compared to conventional cleaners at the same pressure drop).

The product features Valmet’s patented mid-cone dilution technology, which re-energizes the stock while providing accurate dilution, minimizing fiber thickening.

The mid-cone dilution is located at the base of the first stage cone, just before the stock enters the cleaner’s 2nd stage.

Mid-cone dilution technology allows the Celleco Twister Hydrocyclone to have an elongated cone section for higher separation efficiencies without the need to operate at an elevated pressure drop.



November-December 2019